Come learn the same Muay Thai and Western Boxing based striking that has put several fighters into Bellator and the UFC.


We offer world-class instruction in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling a wide variety of age and skill levels

Strength and Conditioning

Experience the benefits of professional coaching to improve your fitness for your health or to perform better on the mats.

Welcome to Underdog MMA

Underdog Mixed Martial Arts is Connecticut’s premier mixed martial arts and fitness facility. Whether you are interested in training for fitness, fun, sport, self-defense or competition, we can help you achieve your goals. We offer a well-rounded program of Grappling, Striking and Fitness training designed to complement each other and offer the best value for our students. Underdog is the only program in the area that offers this level of instruction in all three disciplines under one roof.

We offer classes for a wide variety of age and skill levels. Whether you are young or old, brand new or a seasoned veteran, we have a class that will fit your needs and push you towards continued success.

Underdog Mixed Martial Arts is also home to Maximum Potential Massage Therapy. Our students have access to the very best treatment to help them keep their bodies feeling fit and ready. These aren't just "feel good" massages. Whether you've got a chronic pain issue or you're just suffering from a couple bumps and bruises, our massage therapists specialize in Sports Massage methodologies designed to decrease pain, speed recovery, and increase performance.

Every class you will take here at Underdog is led by a qualified instructor with many years of experience in their discipline. Our coaches are eager and able to help you learn and develop, both as a person and as a martial artist, whether you've been training for ten minutes or ten years. Our gym family has a strong sense of camaraderie which you will feel starting on your first day of training. We invite you to come join us for a free class and experience what we have to offer.